Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enough With Unnatural Weight Loss Methods! Time For Natural Weight Loss

Quite a good article on natural weight loss methods. However, do keep in mind that before taking anything, it is best to consult your family doctor first.

Looking at the barrage of television, magazine, and Internet ads, it seems that most new weight loss programs rely heavily on chemicals to get the job done. This has led to a frustrating dilemma: either we opt for the unhealthy "solutions", or we keep on the extra pounds.

For those of us seeking real results that shed weight and keep us feeling great, herbal weight loss solutions are the way to go. Instead of taking a pill full of chemicals that we, or for that matter, a Harvard linguistics professor can't pronounce, try looking toward the garden for answers. You might be pleasantly surprised - there are a lot of naturally growing herbs that got left behind when we first started down the information superhighway. Herbs that our parents' parents knew about, but ones that our parents and we may have forgotten.

Even better, though, they're not so obscure as they may sound. Many of these herbal weight loss solutions can be found in any grocery store, but just aren't labeled for special use in losing weight. Let's take a look at three of these easy-to-find herbs that can help keep down and even cast off those unwanted pounds.

1.) Green Tea - Quite possibly one of the easiest herbs to incorporate into a weight-loss strategy. Just drinking a cup of green tea with breakfast in the morning can help increase your metabolism, the most critical of the body's actors in losing weight. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study demonstrating that more energy can be expended in a day with the aid of green tea, which metabolically means your body is burning calories more quickly. Calories that don't get burned, depending on their origin, often get stored as fat. In essence, quickening your metabolism to move through those calories faster is just a cup of warm tea away.

2.) Cayenne - This red pepper not just pleasantly burns our mouth and adds spice to our food. It also stimulates your thermogenic system as well. When we eat the pepper, it isn't just our mouth that feels warm, but our whole body begins to feel warmer. It's kind of like how we feel after going for a run. When our body heats up (that's the thermogenic system), we burn calories. Eating cayenne pepper not only makes a meal more enjoyable, but better - better for losing weight.

3.) Ginger - Ginger long has had reputed weight loss effects, in addition to the numerous benefits heralded throughout the ancient world and into contemporary times. But in 1992 it was scientifically confirmed by the International Journal of Obesity that adding ginger to your diet assists in burning calories. It functions much in the same way as green tea does as an herbal weight loss solution: by stimulating the metabolism. Ginger is a delicious herb that can be added to food without adding more calories, and helps burn energy after the meal.

For those of us that can't be satisfied by what we see on television or in magazines or on the Web, the next step may be to try herbal weight loss solutions. Frequently including these three herbs into our diets may seem like a small thing, too small to make any difference. But when set together in accordance with our other efforts to lose weight, they can be the extra edge to lose those few nagging pounds that just won't go away. So give them a shot - if we know one thing, it's that they can't hurt you.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Asthma In Toddlers And Children

The worse thing than childhood asthma is asthma in toddlers. Most children who have asthma developed the disease while they were still toddlers. With a reported 5 million American children suffering from asthma, 173 thousand of them hospitalized for severe symptoms and 864 thousand receiving emergency treatment annually, it is important that your toddler be evaluated for asthma as early as possible.

Since it is more difficult to diagnose asthma among infants and toddlers, it would be best to look for signs or symptoms that characterize the disease. Many cases of asthma deaths were due to the parents' failure to recognize the severity of the toddler's condition. Common colds and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis can exhibit asthma-like symptoms. But this does not mean you should ignore your child especially when he has difficulty in breathing or a wheezing cough.

When your toddler is diagnosed with asthma, it does not mean he will be forever afflicted with the disease. On the contrary, there are lots of documented cases where the toddler's asthma no longer persisted into adulthood. It can also be deduced from this observation that toddlers are more susceptible to asthma triggers but develops immunity as they grow older.

A toddler with asthma will have persistent cough that is hacking and congested. Sometimes the toddler may have wheezing cough and sometimes have none. In addition to this symptom, your toddler will display muscle retractions and flaring nostrils. He would also experience difficulty in breathing making feedings impossible. You will also observe your toddler rapidly breathing even while he sleeps. If you think, your toddler is breathing too rapidly, you should take him to the nearest hospital.

Another sign you should watch out for is your toddler's lack of stamina and enthusiasm during playtime. This may be because he is associating physical activities with breathing difficulties and naturally gets discouraged to join other children. Having him checked by your pediatrician can determine if your toddler has asthma.

Asthma in toddlers may be more difficult to manage. The best way to do this is to enlist the help of your care provider or his teachers. You can prepare some detailed instructions so they would know what to do in case of an asthma episode. Your toddler's pediatrician can help you prepare this set of instructions.

You should never take your toddler to a smoky place since cigarette smoke can easily trigger an asthma attack. Your pediatrician can test your child's sensitivity to dust mite protein. Sometimes, parents overlook the fact that stuffed toys are hosts to these dust mites. During falls and spring seasons when levels of pollen are high, you should limit your toddler's outdoor activities.

Emotional stress is also considered to be a trigger factor. Not only does it cause an asthma attack but it could also worsen asthma symptoms. Anxiety or panic attacks should be dealt with reasonable calm to help relax your child. The moment your toddler calms down you can administer treatment such as bronchodilator medication.

Keep your children safe and protect them from elements that can lead to long-term damage. These kinds of problems can haunt them through adulthood, so take caution when it comes to your young loved ones.

About the Author: Article provided by Sven Ullmann, who runs
Deserved Health - a site dedicated to different health related articles. Read more about the Asthma in Toddlers and Children.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wedding Favors - Ideas To Keep The Cost Down

I like the idea of creating your own wedding favors from the author. Not only will it be an unique wedding favor, it will also be very meaningful for the guests who attended your wedding.

Wedding favors are small gifts that the bride and groom give to thank their guests for attending their special day. This token of appreciation also provides everyone with a memento of your wedding day.

The hardest part is deciding what type of wedding favor to give your guests, as there are thousands of options to choose from.

So consider the rest of your wedding preparations. You might be able to find a small gift that reflects the general theme of your wedding. In Scotland, many people continue the cultural theme and give minature bottles of whisky decorated with tartan ribbon to their guests.

And if you're on a tight budget, but still want to give your guests something special to remember the day, here are a few things to consider.

1) Set A Budget

The first thing to do is to sit down with your partner and work out how much you have to spend on wedding favors. Once you've got a figure to work with it will help to narrow down your options and prevent you from overspending.

Wedding favors don't have to be overly lavish, it's the thought that counts.

Coasters are one of these gifts that everyone can make use of, but nobody ever thinks about buying. They represent an inexpensive gift that's both decorative and practical. Other popular gifts are candles, coffee/tea, or bath products such as soap.

Alternatively, your favors could relate to an interest that you or your partner have, such as wine tasting (a miniture bottle) or golf (a couple of golf tees tied with ribbon). In fact any little charm or trinket that has some relevance to your wedding could be considered a wedding favor. You're only limited by your imagination and budget.

2) Start Your Search Online

There are many different companies and shops that specialise in providing wedding accessories and favors. But one of the best options is to shop for your wedding favors online.

The internet makes it possible for you to search dozens of retailers from the comfort of your own home, instead of spending weeks trailing from store to store. In just a few hours it's possible to work out what's available and how much it will cost.

And due to their lower overheads, most internet retailers will be able to offer you a far better price than their high street counterparts. The vast majority of wedding favors only cost one of two dollars each, so it will certainly save you a lot of time, money and shoe leather.

3) Beware Of All The Tricks

If you decide to buy your favors from a store make sure that you ask to be shown items in your price range. Certain sales people will try to bump up the size of your order by showing you items of a slightly higher quality (and price) than you were looking for. Then, when they show you equivalent items from a cheaper range, the temptation is to go for the higher priced items, reasoning "it's only 50 cents extra per item!" This is one temptation that doesn't exist when you buy your favors online.

4) Consider Making Your Own Wedding Favors

For example, you could buy a collection of minature candles and bundle them together with various beads and ribbons. Alternatively, you could buy wax figures of the bride and groom and decorate them to match the character of you and your partner. The more work that you do, the less your wedding favors will cost.

5) Know How Many Favors You Need

Before you buy your favors, find out exactly how many people are coming to your wedding, so that you don't buy more favors than necessary. Although it's always a good idea to have a couple spare incase of unexpected guests. And find out how many of your guests are couples. You could consider giving a slightly better favor to each couple instead of one per person. This will reduce the overall cost of your wedding favors.

If your wedding budget is more generous you could consider custom engraved wedding favors, silver plated gifts or even a small crystal ornament. Crystal favors are universally popular, provide a touch of class and will last your guests a lifetime.

About the Author: Ellie Thomson runs For more information on
Wedding Favors visit for your free guide to planning the perfect wedding.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Stages Of Pregnancy - An Amazing Journey

Good information on pregnancy.

The nine months of pregnancy are a miraculous event. During this relatively short time, your baby goes from a fertilized egg to a fully formed newborn. The changes that take place over these nine months are astounding. By the end of the first month, the tiny heart has formed and is beating. The major organs and systems of the body have developed by the end of the first trimester.

This is a critical time in your baby’s development. It’s important that you take good care of yourself during this time. Eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of fluids. Take any vitamins or extra iron recommended by your health care provider. Avoid any substances which can harm the baby. These include smoke, alcohol and drugs. Don’t take any medication without your doctor’s approval.

The baby continues to change rapidly during the second trimester. You will get to hear his heartbeat and see him on the ultrasound. By this time, the gender can be seen clearly in many cases. Your baby is a fully formed little one at the end of this trimester. The lungs are the last organ to develop enough to sustain life outside the womb. During the third trimester, the lungs finish developing. Your baby puts on weight and body fat steadily through this trimester.

Your body will go through many changes over the course of your pregnancy as well. In the early months, you may experience discomfort from morning sickness. This is a common symptom and is usually not serious. Learn some methods of dealing with this, such as getting up slowly in the morning, eating crackers before you get up or wearing wrist bands made for sea sickness. Preggie pops are lollipops that are sold to ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

The first trimester is a time of rapidly changing hormones in your body. This change causes fatigue in most women. Be sure to get enough rest. You will find you need more sleep than before you got pregnant. The best way to deal with fatigue is to get more sleep. Go to bed earlier at night. If possible, take a nap during the day.

Most women feel their best during the second trimester. Morning sickness has gotten better for the majority of pregnant mothers. The fatigue you felt in the first trimester has improved as well. Pregnant women report feeling more energy and you will begin to feel pregnant. Some couples take a final vacation as a couple during this trimester. By the third trimester, you will be uncomfortable and won’t want to travel. As you get farther into the third trimester, travel will be restricted.

The third trimester brings more discomfort. The baby is putting on weight at a rapid rate. Toward the end of this trimester, the baby is gaining a half a pound in body weight every week. This increased weight leads to several discomforts. The baby is pushing up on your stomach and lungs. This makes breathing difficult and you may be short of breath. The pressure of the baby on the stomach causes heartburn and indigestion.

The uterus is getting very crowded now and your baby is also pushing down. This can cause a variety of problems such as hemorrhoids, constipation and the need to urinate frequently. You may feel pressure low in the abdomen as the baby moves down into position for birth. When this happens, you will find that the shortness of breath improves. This is called lightening, but don’t count on going into labor right away. This can happen weeks before the baby arrives.

At the end of the third trimester, it’s time for the big day. You will finally get to meet your new baby. As the day approaches, you will feel excited. It’s normal to feel anxious and nervous as well. Continue to read, practice breathing exercises and prepare for the delivery. Soon you will be holding your precious bundle and the discomforts of the past nine months will be a memory.

Copyright 2007 More4kids Inc.

About the Author: Patricia Hughes is a freelance writer and mother of four. She has written extensively on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and breastfeeding. In addition, she has written about home décor and travel. You can view more of her many articles in the
Pregnancy Resource area of More4kids. Copyright 2007 More4kids Parenting and Family Portal.

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Pregnancy Without Pounds.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Birth of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Adrift in our memory banks are the smells and tastes of the food of our childhoods. One whiff of something familiar coming from the kitchen and we are instantly kids again. And no food is more closely aligned with that of childhood than the chocolate chip cookie. Warm and gooey, hard and crunchy, filled with nuts or deliciously plain, the chocolate chip cookie embodies all that is sweet and wonderful about childhood.

As owners and operators of the Toll House Inn in 1930’s Massachusetts, Ruth Wakefield and her husband tended to all of their guests’ needs in an effort to give them a unique experience. Ruth herself worked in the kitchen, quickly gaining popularity with her scrumptious desserts. One favorite, the Butter Drop Do cookie called for baker’s chocolate. Having run out of baker’s chocolate during one of her weekly cookie bakes, Ruth instead substituted semi-sweet chocolate from a bar given to her by one of her guests – Andrew Nestle of Nestle Chocolate Company. Needless to say, the new chocolate chip cookie became quite a hit, as tasters enjoyed the softened chocolate nestled inside the cookie – a far cry from the baker’s chocolate, which melted entirely.

The chocolate chip cookie rocketed to stardom taking Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate along with it. Eager to align his company further with this popular treat, Andrew Nestle traded Ruth Wakefield a lifetime supply of chocolate for the rights to print her chocolate chip cookie recipe on all of his chocolate packaging.

That famous recipe stands today delighting generation after generation with its simple goodness. Of course, as the years have gone by, those trying to elevate the chocolate chip cookie to the next level have added all manner of different ingredients. Contests are held all over the world in search of the best chocolate chip cookie. But most cookie enthusiasts will tell you that the very best chocolate chip cookie is the one that is simple in its creation. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more.

For the baking challenged among us, the chance to make the chocolate chip cookie is still within our grasp. Advancements in packaging have given way to pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough – ready to slice and bake; no mixing of ingredients, no mess of any kind – and in 10 minutes you have fresh baked cookies right out of the oven.

But if you want to give chocolate chip cookie making from scratch a try, you can always find the sweetest recipe of all – right on the back of Nestle’s Chocolate Chips!

About the Author: Michelle Bery, for easy to understand, in depth information about chocolate visit our ezGuide 2

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Body And Water

If the last time you entered your house feeling tired and stressed you immediately decided to take a shower or enjoy a long relaxing bath, you are familiar with the positive outcomes of using water in order to increase the well-being of your body and mind. Indulging yourself in simple pleasures associated with the use of water is known as hydrotherapy. Health resorts, like medical and sports centers or hotel and city spas, offer to today's stressed working individuals the opportunity to get rid of fatigue and anxiety by performing a variety of treatments based on water.

Whether or not you are able to afford such specialized services, you should know that water is the cheapest and probably the safest way, apart from sleeping, to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Known from the ancient years for its amazing results, water use has progressed tremendously and its various applications are considered today the focal points of experiencing a healthy lifestyle.

But apart from it being an extremely effective refreshing mechanism, water is used to alleviate or reduce medical problems that need special care. Problems like dry skin, constipation, urinary tract infections, headaches, fever, bad blood circulation, sprained ankles, foot infections, body swelling, hemorrhoids, and muscle strains, can be treated with the appropriate use of water.

The water's temperature and its different application methods can produce the desired results and reduce the severity and the duration of negative symptoms one might suffer because of exhaustion, accidents or chronic health problems. Specifically, hot water can arouse the human immune system and increase circulation levels. From athletes to working individuals, using hot water is considered essential to get rid of body malfunctions and increase energy. On the other hand, instances of swelled feet or constipation problems can be dealt with the right use of cold water, which acts as a natural treatment for a variety of body irritations.

Because human cells are made in average by 80% of water, the human organism needs hydration to survive and function normally. Thus, apart from taking care of your body externally by applying different water-based treatments, it is of vital importance to consume water frequently and help your body rejuvenate from the inside out. As part of our healthy living standards, we should always remember to provide the necessary water quantities to our bodies by drinking six to eight glasses of water per day. Water, whether used as an internal or external hydration, is the best thing one can enjoy everyday.

About the Author: Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including
Health, Women's Health, and Relationships

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hair Removal: Know All The Methods

Most of us are concerned about the amount of hair on our bodies, and there are many options for those who desire to rid themselves of unsightly hair. Shaving and plucking are the most popular methods of hair removal, but there are also methods known as waxing, sugaring and threading.

Shaving is the most popular method of hair removal. It's simple and can be accomplished with a straight razor or an electric razor. Some electric shavers provide best results after use of pre-shaving gels, creams or lotions, as can shaving with a straight razor.

Plucking is used as a method of hair removal for unsightly or unwanted facial hair. Using tweezers, hair removal from eyebrows is generally accomplished by hand held or electric tweezers. Tweezing pulls the hair out by its roots but it can be time consuming, depending on the results you're looking for, as each hair must be pulled out individually. Until the skin around the area becomes desensitized, this process can be on the painful side, and redness, inflammation can occur. For most, the effects of tweezing can last anywhere from three to eight weeks.

Threading is becoming a more popular trend in hair removal methods. This ancient hair removal process continues to be used in various parts of the world today, including parts of southwest Asia and the Middle East. To facilitate hair removal with this method, a long loop of thread, mostly cotton, is twisted into a figure-8 type shape and rolled along the surface of the skin. Hairs caught between the coiled pieces of string are pulled out by their roots, resulting in near perfect smoothness. This method suits hair removal from eyebrows and other facial areas, and is considered by many to be less painful than the plucking hair removal method.

Waxing is a hair removal method that is a little more time intensive and messy, though such inconveniences are more than outweighed by the fact that this method is extremely effective in hair removal of just about any type of body hair. Waxing facilitates the removal of entire shafts of hair, from below the surface of the skin. This method can be accomplished using either cool or hot wax. Be advised that waxing for hair removal, however effective, can cause skin irritations that may last several hours, and if not done carefully, can produce burns and other unpleasant results.

A hair removal method similar to waxing is one called sugaring. In this method, a sugar mixture is used instead of wax. Blending and heating sugar, water and lemon juice until it develops into a pasty mixture creates this concoction. This mixture is then applied to the surface of the skin, like a wax treatment, followed by a strip of cotton, which is then rapidly pulled off the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This method of hair removal is popular among those who are sensitive to the ingredients in wax.

So take your pick, try them out and decide which method of hair removal best suits your time and your preferences.

About the Author: Chonticha Marijne, is hair removal an ongoing struggle for you? Find out more about hair removal and the right method for you at

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Man Fitness

Man fitness is something they all want, but few actually achieve. That is because men generally don’t make fitness a priority. It can be the result of getting lazy, working too many hours, and having a family. Regardless of the reason behind it, man fitness is very important. Besides making you look good, you will feel better. Too many men claim they don’t workout because they are too tired. Ironically, the more you exercise the more energy you will have. It will help you sleep much better as well. 50% of men die due to heart disease related issues, so man fitness is something that needs to be implemented into your lifestyle to help you life a long and healthy life.

It isn’t easy making lifestyle changes. Man fitness isn’t just about exercising more; it is about cutting down on may other things. If you eat a lot of junk food or fat food then you need to work harder at eating a balanced diet. Make a weekly menu and stick to it. Switch to fresh fruits and vegetables instead of sugary snacks. Reduce the amount of alcohol and tobacco you consume.

Man fitness has many possibilities. You can participate in exercises and activities to get into shape, to lose your spare tire, or to eliminate your love handles. While cardio exercises are important, most men feel silly doing aerobics. Man fitness for great cardio workouts include running, hiking, and boxing. Most men enjoy lifting weights. While this is a great way to your goal of man fitness, it isn’t enough.

Weight lifting allows you to tone up and strengthen your body. Your bigger muscles will make you look good physically as well. It is a good idea to combine a weight lifting routine with a cardio routine. You should only lift weights every other day to give your muscles time to heal. Man fitness magazines often show the guy with rippling muscles and the six pack abs. This won’t be the reality for most men, but you can get a quality workout routine going that will help you look and feel your best.

Man fitness is very important to help you look and feel your best. The sooner you start, the better chances you will have of living a fun and healthy life in the future. Reducing your chances of heart disease is very important because statistically you have a 1 in 2 chance of being affected. Man fitness is the key to not letting it happen to you.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, go online for some information or go to the gym and work with a personal trainer. The types of exercises and activities you participate in will depend on your fitness level and your fitness goals. Make sure you choose exercises and activities you enjoy. Nothing gets a plan sabotaged faster than feeling like man fitness is a chore rather than something you look forward to. It takes time, effort, and dedication for man fitness to really happen and not just be something you read about in fitness magazines.

About the Author: Ramone Stevenson, get all the latest information about Fitness from the only true source at Be sure to check out our man fitness pages.

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